Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The End of a Fun Summer Weekend!

America's birthday has come and gone once again. I was off for 3 days and packed all of them to the brim with family fun, chores, hobbies, bbq's and more.

Last Friday morning I was able to get out in the woods and ride around Stony Creek with my brother Mark on our MTB's. This was great for the both of us to spend a bit of time away from the daily grind and take in some of the magic silence of the single track in the woods.

As soon as I got home Renee and I took the kids to lunch at Applebee's, then continued our journey to Lexington for a fun day of walking around the marina and beach. The girls got to have some ice cream and see all the boats docked in the marina for the fireworks show that was to take place later that night.

When we got home I had promised the girls we would camp out in the tent in the backyard. They helped me set it up and they were pumped to play with the flashlights and listen to the neighborhood fireworks.

Saturday July 4th I took the girls fishing in Richmond at Daren's house. We had to deliver a few pop-up tents for the BBQ and fireworks show later in the day. They loved fishing, Reese caught 3 and Ranya caught a good size bass.

In the afternoon we went back to the BBQ for some good ol' fashioned fun...horseshoes, beer, laughs, food, and the the BIG-BOOM-BANG-SHOW. Each and every year Devin (my brother-in-law) and Daren put on a better show. This year left no-one unsatisfied. Thank you to them for the great party!

Sunday after only a few winks I decided to tackle a quick 5k fun run in Algonac. The 27th annual pickerel race needed a good swift kick...I couldn't deliver, but ran with Ken (my brother-in-law) and several other
JUST FINISH members. I managed a 2nd place finish in my A.G. category!

Later that afternoon, Renee and I were able to break away for a bit to get in a quick ride out on the Ruby Trail. She has only been on the trail a few times and she did awesome! Pretty technical trail for anyone to ride and she didn't gripe at all.

Whew, I'm whooped! All in all a great weekend packed with great memories!


Todd Shorkey said...

Awesome Todd! There is nothing better than a fun filled weekend with family. I am glad that you were able to enjoy your time off!

cami said...

Camp out in the backyard --what a neat idea. And wow, that seabass is almost bigger than Ranya!