Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ruby XC - The Battle Within!

Yes, the battle within sometimes is stronger than the physical exertion one puts forth. I wrestled the ugly demon the last few weeks and last Sunday was like a cage match for me.

I tweaked my ankle the week prior to the event so my body was trying to heal and I kept pushing the time ahead too fast. Besides the ankle, I have not been on the bike much at all this year. This pisses me off because once the gun goes off I want to turn on the switch so bad, but physical preparation leading up to the guts and glory are slim. Making the battle within even harder. I want to compete and know I can compete, but no gas in the tank...ouch! I'm sure over the next few weeks I will start to catch my wind and hopefully be able to tune up the ol' internal motor. V'room, V'room.... :) :) :)

"Living The Dream" - TP

photo credit: "Social" Shorkey

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Todd Shorkey said...

Todd, you had a great race at Ruby, not missing the podium by much. Everyone else better watch out once you get that internal motor tuned up!

Great to see you out there at Ruby!