Saturday, May 2, 2009

Finishing Up Earth Week!

I know Earth Day was on April 22nd, and marked the 39th Anniversary of this celebration. However, it seemed to last an entire week. The girls and I were able to get out on Saturday the 25th and enjoy the weather. We went to the local rail trail for an organized clean-up day. Our local cycling club, Team Sandbag is a proud sponsor of a portion of the trail from (Duce Rd. - Beard Rd.) and we rode our bikes with our clean-up bags and truly enjoyed the day.

Reese and Rayna loved the trail as it was their first time on it. We got to see some cool stuff and Reese pedaled her bike by herself almost 6 miles. This is exciting because only 6 days earlier she just learned how to ride a 2-wheeler. Now, from a dad who is avid cyclist, this is a HUGE day for me...I WAS MORE PUMPED UP about the deal than anyone could imagine. I know once my family members see the long winded video I shot, it will show it.


KC Mom said...

The turtle looks like ones that we see here in KC! Where are you from?

TP said...

KC- The kids loved it...a big ol' snapper looking at them. I couldn't resist taking the photo.

Live in Michigan about an hour north of Detroit on the water in Marysville!

SingleTrackMinded said...

Wow, 6 miles! She's got more miles in this year than me.