Saturday, May 2, 2009

The New "Q Ti 29er" Is Built!

After a long winter I finally got the new ride. First, hats off to Scott Quiring! His craftsmanship and skills are crazy to give him his props. We had gone back and forth many, many times trying to get a new look. I kept pushing him for the flat matte black with concerns on his end about the chemistry of the paint and curing. Well, at the end of the day and after we got in several fist fights...this is what came about. (kidding on the fist fights, that little dude would lay me flat in a second.)The paint with the tone-on-tone details came out great!

Got to give some more "BIG" props to my pal "Stud" Lee. He took a box of shitty parts mixed it with some new and built this up for me. THANK YOU!

I do plan on a few upgrades in the near future. These include a new seat post, saddle, crank, drive train, stem and bar. As for now I'm glad I can pedal it and enjoy the ride!


Todd Shorkey said...

HOT! Congratulations Todd! It looks like it turned out awesome and the color is fantastic. I just had my bike painted exactly the same way. ;)

studlee said...

My pleasure, now lets get out and ride man!!! The only problem is, the more I ride it, the more I like it. Too bad I'm too poor to do anything about it!!!

Patrick said...

Looks great!

matt mccluskey said...

Nice ride.

SOOOOO jealous.

cjsbike said...

Very nice!

Scott won the battle with me in regards to flat black, so my Q is gloss black.

Get out and ride that thang!