Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Classic SS Style!

I entered the Fall Classic @ Addison Oaks County Park on Sunday and WOW what a great course. I love this trail and the new sections ROCK!!!

There was a field of about 10-12 guys in my class. 4 laps / 28ish miles of pure fast rolling joy! I was geared to big for my style, but managed to hang on for 8th place. I wish I would of pedaled an easier 34-18 gearing on the ol' tank 29er! I just left the 34-16 on and suffered!

Up Next The Grand Prix Of Ithaca / Cyclo-Cross race. This should be interesting...cause I'm doing it on my MTB!

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Steve Kinley said...

I ran a 35x18 and it was just about perfect. Except at the start when we seemed to be going 30 mph.