Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rolling Fast at Pontiac Lake...Well Kinda Fast!

Robert pulled the trigger and down the trail in our PJ's we go! I settled in the 3rd spot and tried to relax. We didn't push to hard. In fact I expected to go harder. The trail got some much needed rain the night before and the trail was in good shape. I have only ridden at PLRA a few times. This is a course where local knowledge assist in picking the best lines and make the trip much more enjoyable.

With about 5 miles to go of the 30 I came in pretty fast on a long sweeping turn and the bike just slid out from under me. No damage to me or the bike. In fact it didn't even slow me down that much. I must have rolled the rear tire because I got down the trail about 100yds and heard the shitting sound of shszzzssssss! I pinched the rear. I started to change the rear and looked up to see a few of the guys in my class pedal by...OUCH!!! I finished up and just pedaled home.

I finished up 6th out of 9 starters in my class. Thats racing!

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