Monday, September 29, 2008


I took another stab at the ol' cyclo-cross on Sunday. JB Hancock puts on an AWESOME event in Ithaca. This is a grass roots event with all the Michigan players hangin' out!

A few teammates and myself drove up and set up shop right smack dab in the middle of the event. Curt, Benny, John, Nolan and me rode around checked out the scene and loved all of it!

I entered the Killer B's class along with Benny. They had a prime (dash for cash) sprint that John won for his C class and I won for the B's. SWEEET! I don't have CX bike so I raced with my MTB and hung in for a few laps and took the 2nd half of the race off! Benny and I managed to not get lapped in the race and had a ball.

John and Nolan both took 2nd's. Curt needs to cut off his bad leg and get a carbon fiber deal so he can pedal. He did manage to snap over 300 photos of the event.

Oh, by the way...check out TSB skin suit!!! Curt took this photo of the start about 400 yds in!

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