Monday, July 28, 2008

Doubling Up For The Stoney Creek TT

I decided to race both classes today. The course was about 12 miles...and drrrry! My geared class was first. I started about 10:20 and boy was I slow. I just couldn't get my body in motion. After about 3 miles in I started to loosen up. I came home in about 52 minutes. Just squeaked a 5th place podium finish...SWWWWEEEET!

I had about 45 minutes before the SS class started. I felt tired going into this as well. The field was loaded with competition today! I took off and this time at the 3 mile mark I threw up in my mouth:)! I kept pedalin' and blasted the finish line in 55minutes.

All in all a fun day of racing at Stoney! We had quite a few TSBer's battling the course as well. Congrats to all that raced!

I love the Stoney Creek single-track!

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Todd Shorkey said...

Way to go on the double Todd. Congrats on more great racing!