Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What Is A Stage Race?

Well, it is a race event composed of multiple races and the person who does each event the fastest...wins! This past weekend there was a USA-C MTB stage race held in Brighton, MI and many team mates and myself made the journey to give it whirl. Saturday started off with a 6.5 mile Time Trial through some of the twistist trail in the state. I placed a cool 4th on the trusty ol' Single Speed. Later that day was the Short Track XC race. This was .75 mile loop of turns, hills, and loads of grass. This race was 5 laps and I placed 3rd in my class. Going into Sunday I felt great, but it was HOT. Temps and humidity made it tough on everyone. The Cross Country portion of the Stage Race was a 8 mile loop through a rolling single track trail. I placed 4th and took an overall 4th place in the Stage Event. The TSB squad did very well. This coming weekend is the Lumber Jack 100. This is a 100 mile race up in Manistee, MI. A few of the TSB boys and the wives will be making the hike. Results and story to follow...sit tight!

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