Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm A Lumberjack!!!

100 miles of pure pain, adrenaline, and all that jazz!

We arrived mid Friday afternoon and after checking in the hotel we went over to registeration to check in. The parking lot was packed and the buzz was in the air! The area had just got blasted Thursday with 11 inches of rain. Everyone was talking about the course conditions. The area had lost power and many local hotels lost power (ours included) and there was alot of downed trees. Word had it that the course was clear with only a few trees still down and one area with standing water.

Saturday started for me about 4:45am. We got to the pits around 6:15. The race started at 7:00am. They started us down the road about 2 miles (mass start). The first lap I came through in about 2:15. Brad one of my team mates rode with me. We did not see or hear from Jason at this time. Brad took off for his 2nd lap and I stayed in the pits and ate a banana and took a few deep breaths. Off I went about 2 minutes behind Brad. This lap was killer for me. I have never been much of a long distance guy. I knew I had about 8hours of pedalin' to go, so I kept at a pace where I felt comfortable. I had averaged about 2:30 per lap from here out!

After completing my 3rd lap I came in to the pits and Jason was beat up. He said he bonked hard and looked me dead in the eyes and said he gave all he could! I respect him for attempting this event and his efforts put forth. He buried 50 miles!

Renee, kept looking at me and asking how I felt. I told her I was fine and headed back for 1 more. I wanted to come in under 10 hours. My unofficial time was around 10:10. I was happy the race was over and I had finished. Rick Plite the promoter was at the finish line and gave me a quick high five and a finisher's patch to commerate the accomplishment. Brad completed his 4th lap around the 9:20 mark.

I also raced this event for charity. I solicited my friends and family for pledges to the Celiac Foundation. Thanks for all those that contributed.

THANK YOU to Renee for the support and constant words of encouragement all kept me pedalin'!


Todd Shorkey said...

Todd, way to go brother! You have definately accomplished something to be proud of. I know I am proud of what you did and honored to be able to say I am a team mate. What more can I say, Awesome job!

Brad said...

Great race TP! I guess "couple spots of foot deep water" is Rick Plite speak for "riding through a swamp for a few hundred yards";)

Jason Melecosky said...

Great race Todd. From what I've heard, it's no walk in the park. Maybe I'll give this a shot next year. I better start training now! (O: