Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Let's Go Racing!

Well, the season has started and I have 3 down and 9 left. All three events I completed have been totally different. The first (Pontiac Lake Time Trial) was a 2 lap sprint. The second (Bloomer Park XC)was a twisting 4 lap cross country race, and the third was a 12 hour (Addison Oaks) endurance race. Pretty much the whole cycling gamma all thrown in a month or so of racing.

I have learned that my riding technique is fine...but I lack a few of the most important attributes of mtb racing ENDURANCE and STRENGTH. Looking back over the winter months I wish I would of pounded the weights a little more. I need some QUADS and ARMS.

I have raced all the events this season in the Expert class. This is a pretty big jump in racing style and ability. Of the events I have raced at I would have placed pretty high in the sport class if I still raced there. I'm glad of my decision to come out and play with the big boys. I'm bottom of the barrel, but I can honestly say I'm having a ball when I'm in the woods!

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Steve Kinley said...

It's a big jump but you'll only get faster and stronger as the season goes on.