Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Getting Uncomfortable!

Sometimes it has to happen. We must try new things out of the everyday rut just to feel the "LIFE" around us. The past 8 weeks I have made a great effort to do this.

Mentally, this has been exhausting. Physically, this has been the best thing I have done since the early 90's on my Track & Field team in college. At first it started out as my regular New Year’s Resolution "get fit" routine that I seem to get so pumped up for annually only to let myself down about 3-4 weeks into the program.

This year seems so different. The goals I have set are realistic and I think that is making the off season training more enjoyable. A few of those goals are getting a set schedule in place, and planning new events for 2012 that I have never competed in before.

Swimming, spinning on the bike, running, even some basic circuit core workouts are keeping me busy 6 days per week. In addition to a handful of mtbing events, I'm going to chase some points in the Mid-West Xterra Tri scene this summer... that's right, off-road triathlons!

I've wanted to attempt the off-road tri events for years now. Well, after 4 decades of wanting to do something... I'm going to do something!

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