Monday, September 19, 2011

C’mon Man… 5th overall!!!!

Whoooraaahh, good times, ah… good times. Sure there are loads of fun events coming up this fall, but all in all, the fat tire season is over for me. I do plan to race the Ice Man in November with my TSB pals, but for now I’m considering the season officially closed.

In the past few months I chased points for the Michigan USAC MTB Series and ended up doing okay for never placing higher than 4th at any event. I haven’t concentrated on any one series in a few years and wanted to commit this season. I decided in January to do the XC series and hone in on my skill-set. I took 5th overall in the Expert 40-49 division out of 44 competitors. I’m very happy with the end results given all the outside things in life that distracted me from doing any better. Life is good!!!

What’s on the agenda now… on to a few CX events and lacing up the running shoes for some fall laughs and a few cold brews!

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chunky dunker said...

Great Job on setting and acheiving your goals for XC racing TP! I hope your ready for some CX Pain!!! Just one hit! It's all you will need....