Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hot Fun In The Summertime!

Summer is alive and kicking in Michigan. Hot temps, cold beer, and many laughs are filling my day. Hope the same is happening in your neighborhood.

The past few weeks have been loaded with good times. Spent some time with Mickey Mouse and his posse with my ladies in the Sunshine State, and have been pedaling a bit in the woods on the ol’ MTB, oh and let’s not forget…eating a lot of BBQ goodies.

Some bummer news...I re-ruptured my plantar ligament this past Sunday. Looks like my Olympic dreams of competing are rotting away for now ;) Need to keep the running shoes off for a bit. Hoping to be able to ride in a couple of weeks, though.

Back the fun stuff :)


DJ said...

Sorry to hear about the injury. Did you have to wear inserts in your shoes? Drew and I are riding Addison Friday evening (7/16) if you're up to it.

Steve Kinley said...

Sorry to hear of the injury. Does it bother you riding? Just don't get off the bike.

TP said...

@ DJ...beat up right now. Sorry I'm out for a few weeks. Yes, Doc ordered me inserts. In a walking boot/cast right now.

@ Steve - no activity right now. Injured about 5-6 weeks ago and just didn't give it time to heal and made it worse :( I will be on the bike prior to running...hopefully by the end of August.