Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sundaaaaay!

The sun has been trying to peak the last few days and I LIKE IT! I been attempting to beef up my training from a daily motion to a full blown work out. This week will be the breaking point of the new routine.

I have my first 5k run on March 14th. This will be my first since 2003 and only my 2nd since 1990....WOOOOWZERS. Should be fun as a few fellow TSBer's and I will be battling it out for pure bragging rights and many, many, folks from will be joining us as well. I'm looking forward to it.

MTB season is about 45 days away and I CAN'T wait to get in the woods. I have had cabin fever for about 2 months now. The beer bottles in my garage prove it!!!!


GenghisKhan said...

I hear ya on the cabin fever! We've still got snow in the mountains here in Utah and I'm looking forward to dry trails!


Dan Frayer said...

I hide the bottles downstairs with the ice cream cartons and cry baby kleenex. Spring is almost here!
love dan