Sunday, March 22, 2009

Getting Outside To Kill Some Stress!

Finally got a great loooong ride in on Saturday. We did about 50 miles of gravel back roads with rolling hills. I rode the SS MTB and was cooked at 30miles, but had to finish because we were out in the boonies. At the end of the ride my legs were rubber, but today I feel great and plan to sneak in a little jog after dinner tonight!

Got way too much on my plate this time on year and really need to simplify. Lack of sleep, and an inconsistent schedule has taken its toll...I'm spent and need a break!


Todd Shorkey said...

I am glad you got that long ride in Todd. You may be sore, but it is a good sore! Looking at Brad's map, you guys had quite the ride! Awesome!

Ahhh yes, the balancing act with time. My nemesis. Find some time to rest and recharge, you deserve it!

Sneaker Sister said...

Very cool! I rode 25 miles this weekend, my longest ever. Hoping to ride a 50 miler sometime this summer.