Sunday, November 11, 2007


Well, it's over...the 'o8 MTB season!

I'm kinda glad. I had a rough year getting my strength back and my health! I plan to continue my training and do some cross and weight training in the coming months...look out!

Saturday I ran what I expected I would do (2:08). I knew going into it with having so little time on the bike through October it would be tough. I'm happy for now with my finish! The course was fast with the regular sandpits, rolling climbs, and big ring two track! I was going hard for the first 20, then the hardest part (in my opinion) of the course hit me like a brick wall...ouch! It took everything I had just to finish. I did finish 11 minutes faster than last year. I WILL FINISH 11 MINUTES FASTER NEXT YEAR AS WELL!!!

My teammates all improved HUGE this season as well. I'm proud of everyone of them that made the trip and finished.

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