Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What's Happening?

Race info: 8/18th: A few of us TSBer's went over to Pando for the 6 hour solo event. This was a first for myself as a solo rider. I need to start getting some extra race pace mileage in prior to ICEMAN. I have a goal of 2 hours stuck in my head and really think I'm capable of doing so. I placed 2nd, Lee placed 4th and Joe placed 5th. All in all we had a ball. We camped onsite and drove down to Ft. Custer on Sunday with thoughts of racing the Time Trial. However, none of us that did the 6 hour event competed.

8/26th: Pontiac Lake Rec. Area XC race was a nervous deal for me. I'm always nervous prior to a race, but this time it was more than the regular pre-race jitters. I decided to challenge myself and compete in the Expert class. I want to start building a better race foundation of longer events and race stamina. I did what I thought I could do. I know I need alot more saddle time to compete with these guys. They FLY! Out of the 13 in my class I took 11th. I think once I get back to decent physical shape and gain some of my muscle back I will be fine. I would be happy to run mid-pack next summer!

We are planning a fun team ride this Sunday 9/2 at Ruby and it should be a good time to just ride and not worry about racing for a weekend! I hope to see many of the locals and TSBer's out on the trail!

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Todd Shorkey said...

Great job Todd! You were looking strong both times I saw you go by. Glad to see you getting stronger and stronger each week. They better start watching out for you in the expert class!!!