Thursday, August 2, 2007

Stoney Creek Time Trial Race!

I was a bit nervous going into this event. I don't know the course very well. I got to preride the previous Friday and I think it helped. My nerves were building Sunday morning about running 2 classes. I raced my regular Sport geared class and had an average time. I got bogged down behind a few riders multiple times, but still ended up on the podium with a 5th place. Hey, thats racing! Then, about 15 minutes after I finished that race I took a stab at the SINGLE SPEED class on my new 29er. I have only been on this bike a few times, but have been eager at attempting a SS race. Well, I did an average sport time and took a 6th place. Overall I'm pleased with my SS results and plan to do more SS racing in the future! My physical strength and endurance is coming around. I'm still not at 100%, but feeling better everyday. I plan to maintain my fitness level this year better than in the past where it went up and down throughout the season!

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