Monday, November 10, 2008

A Ride In The Woods!

Kalkaska to my favorite city up north...the big TC (Traverse City). Threw the woods its about 27 miles and what a ride. This was my 4th Ice Man race and by far my favorite. I had an average race, nothing spectacular. I finished mid pack in my A.G. 55th out of 100 in the expert 35-39 class with a time of 2:00:03. Only a few seconds from snapping the 2 hour mark. When I first saw the results on the board at the race I thought it said 3 tenths. It wasn't until today I read the final results and saw that it was 3 seconds. The guys on the team were talking smack about the 3 tenths...I guess I will really hear it now. My goal was 2 hours and I'm satisified with what I did.

Maybe next season I will train a little harder for this event. There is so much hype about this race. The weather, the end of the season, the party, all the big names are in town, etc, etc, etc. Maybe I see a 1:45 in the future...who knows, but me, eh?

The TSB gang showed up big time this year. Many of the guys shaved some huge numbers off of their previous times and we all had a great time hanging out.


Todd Shorkey said...

Great race Todd! I am really glad that the team was able to end the MTB season together like this. I agree, Iceman is one of my favorites as well.

Congratulations on a great season Todd!

studlee said...

Todd is the man. First he runs a marathon while he is taking the bar and now he was so very close to breaking the 2 hour mark. He's my hero, have you ever seen his quads.

chunky dunker said...

Todd, you can use 3 seconds from my over all time of 1:55. I have a few to spare for ya.

Have you ever seen my quads?