Monday, April 16, 2007

Race Day Antics...Or Lack Of!

The Pontiac Lake Time Trial was on Sunday and our Team had around 25 people there representin'. It was a great day! (Weather, Trail Condition, Etc). The one thing that lacked in me was personal conditioning. I was beat up the first few miles of the course. I also experienced a broken chain twice in 2 different spots along the trail. This didn't help my race when every SECOND counts. None the less...the day was a blast. Our team is really flourishing into what I had envisioned it would be a few years ago. WE ARE ONLY GETTING STARTED!

Congrats to all the raced and had fun!

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DJ Thompson said...

I know all about the lack of conditioning thing. The only thing I've been working on is getting softer.
Hopefully I'll get the motivation I need to get back in racing shape.