Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Domestic House Husband For The Day!

After a long weekend of children's dentist appointments, doctors appointments, haircuts, dance class, the chiropractor, and the hospital... I'm beat! Rayna has an infection in one of her lungs and is recovering good. Mrs. Brown our home day care provider slipped on the ice and hurt herself...she is recovering good as well. She is great...I like to refer to her as our Mrs. Doubtfire.

Sooooo, I'm home today trying to work between naps, snacks, and daily rants that a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old may hold. I have a few appointments later today, I plan to make even with the busy day ahead of me.

I'm excited that my new 29" SS is completed. It is a Q-ball steel frame with a rigid fork (ol' school). I plan to get in a ride...maybe two this coming weekend. In the meantime a spin on the trainer will have to do.

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Todd Shorkey said...

I hear you Todd. I know how hectic it can be with little ones that age at home. They definately keep you busy! If one gets sick the other gets sick and it keeps going around. I hope everyone gets better soon around there, gets some rest and you need to get out there on the Q-Ball!