Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy B-Day "Rayna"!

We celebrated my daughter's 1st birthday party on Saturday. She was excited about the balloons, family, and her cake. The gifts she got didn't excite her as much as the balloons, though.

I haven't been on the bike in awhile. This new job I have has been busy. Training, School, Meetings, blah, blah! I plan to get on the trainer a few days this week. If its under 30 degrees outside it is usually miserable to ride.

I got a good laugh this morning after seeing Ruby Rider and DJ's postings on there bloggy's. THANKS GUYS!

I got some gift certificates for x-mas and one from TSB for the Bike Barn. I plan to use them for my new 29er ride. I just hope I get to ride it more than what I have been riding my other bike.

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DJ Thompson said...

I'm glad you got a laugh, that's what it's all about. I saw your write up in Bent Rim, pretty cool.